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Blow Molds & Injection Molds

Comprehensive Mold Making Services
We recommend that you buy your initial mould and blow moulding machine as a package, allowing Parker to optimize the design and production process for you.

Product Design: If you have your product concept/drawing or samples, let Parker help you reduce tooling costs without compromising quality. Our engineers have expertise in 2D/3D modeling , mold & tool design, molding experience, and fully supported by CAD/CAM technology, can work with you from your concept to a finished product. We will think over obstacles in advance, and develop solutions before we proceed to build your molds.

Mold Making: All mold tooling is crafted with the most current methods, and uses the highest quality materials for longer life and lower product cycle cost. Consequently, customers benefit from highly competitive pricing for top quality molds and challenge today's machine cycle times. Keep up-to-date by using Parker moulds.

Blow Molding Machine

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